What does Inaara give me?
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Take your business online

Book your spot in the first and only printing marketplace and give your business exclusive access to a wide range of untapped online channels and customers from across the country. Get set to build an iconic brand on a pan-India level

Stay connected on-the-go with your customers

A CRM system to manage and retain your walk-in customers, as well as encourage them to buy more often and efficiently online. You can now run email, SMS and app based campaigns to build relationships with your existing customers and facilitate repeat orders

Set competitive pricing

Ability to structure your pricing based on industry standards and display instant prices on your online listing page, guaranteeing more conversions and increase in revenue

Receive payments online

Collect timely payments online without any hassle, with Inkmonk as the neutral third party ensuring complete satisfaction and fulfilment to you as well as the customers

Get your own web space

Experience an elegantly designed online store-front, hosted on itself, with all the features available on the platform, including online designing tools and displaying of instant prices

Build your reputation online

Collect reviews, ratings and testimonials from your loyal and satisfied customers and display them prominently on your profile online, thus building a trusted brand

Manage your orders digitally

A streamlined flow for managing quotation requests, obtaining competitive pricing information and competing effectively across the entire national market without boundaries or constraints

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Analyse customer behaviour

Analytics about your customers and the market trends based on the huge volume of data available on the platform. Plan your inventory accordingly and be shock-proof in the future

Import your design files

Effective integration with various design tools like Photoshop and InDesign, to easily import your design collection onto the platform. Migrate your existing templates easily to Inkmonk’s online format

Interact with your customers

Employee and shop outlet management features enable you to efficiently plan your orders and print jobs. Extremely easy to use online interface for employees to communicate with customers, and for admin to monitor, analyse and improve interactions

Store files on cloud

A cloud based file storage system to enable you to promptly back-up all digital files collected from walk-in customers of your shop, in addition to the files of online customers on Inkmonk. Similar experience as that of storing files in Dropbox or Google drive

CRM on-the-go

iPhone and Android app versions of our CRM tools to ensure that you are connected with your customers all the time