• State of the art infrastructure with the latest embroidery machines.
  • Factory and facility approvals from some of the top brands of the world.
  • In house design department to create unique and affordable designs to fit your every need.
  • Diverse capabilities to embroider everything from garments, fabrics, home furnishings and promotional products.
  • Quick turnaround time to ensure timely delivery.

The use of embroidery for decoration and branding is now commonplace in our homes, our places of work and on the high street. Widely used on clothing, accessories and textiles for interiors it has become an integral part of our visual world. When compared with print, embroidery is more three dimensional; offering high lustre and/or textured effects. It is associated with quality, adding value to a product in both the visual and tactile fields of consumer appreciation.

The embroidery we see today is largely produced on computer controlled embroidery machines. They are specially engineered machines that have a multi-needle fixed ‘embroidery head’ and a frame holder that moves the framed product (for example a garment like a Tshirt) in either of two directions so that the embroidery design can be sewn. The frame holder is known as a pantograph; think of it as a graph plotter because it moves to (plots) the exact location (co-ordinates) of the design expressed in x and y values. The design is created within a grid (known as a ‘field’) with x being the horizontal axis and y the vertical axis. Therefore any point on the design can be identified in values of x and y, a co-ordinate in this field would be written, for example, as x249,y786. The embroidery machine reads these co-ordinates from the design data file and moves its pantograph into position to receive each new stitch from the machines’ stationary needle head.

Custom Embroidery makes Inaara your choice for first-class products and services. We specialize in custom embroidery and screen printing for all types of garments. From t-shirts and hats to towels and sweaters, we can embroider or print just about anything. Promotional Products Either of our services are the ideal choices when you want to create eye-catching promotional products that held in building both building value and establishing your brand.